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We explore bullying in a unique, engaging and thought provoking way.

We are putting bullying on trial, your students will hear real life accounts of the affects and consequences of bullying, rehearse and perform short scenes in small groups and make some important decisions as we recreate a courtroom in your classroom!

  • Students will learn the different types of bullying, the effects it can have on the victim and consequences for the bully.
  • Two professional practitioner/actors to facilitate the session.
  • Adapted for KS1 & KS2 so is age appropriate.
  • Students work in groups to perform short scenes and make important decisions, encouraging team work.
  • A safe and friendly environment to learn about such important issues.

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Anti Bulling Workshops

(available all year)

Bullying should be tackled all year round, not just in Anti Bullying week!

Bullying is still an issue that permeates through primary school, secondary schools and unfortunately the wider community and society as a whole.

Pick N Mix Theatre are committed to lowering the levels of bullying in schools by using our unique style to attack the issue head on. We have developed an engaging, interactive performance that sees our professional actors perform various scenes of bullying and a workshop with group activities and games. This workshop not only makes your students aware of the seriousness and consequences of bullying, it greatly enhances enhances team working skills and individual confidence.

Internet Safety Workshops

(available all year)

Our E Safety program is a workshop and performance package that explores some of the dangers that young people may face when using the internet with a special focus on social media and online bullying.

The scenes performed by professional actors explore the true stories of people who faced issues online, and the workshop looks at how these young people could have made themselves safer online. This gives your students the opportunity to discuss what they would do if they were in that situation, and develop their own safety strategies. We are also happy to add additional content if you have an identified issue or concern in your school.

Our experienced practitioners deliver issues based projects in a sensitive and safe environment!

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